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The company that designs Ferraris just built an $11,000 bicycle

Pininfarina is best known as Ferrari's frequent collaborator, but the Italian design firm sketches a lot of other things, too — take the Pininfarina Fuoriserie, for instance, a bicycle that's just a little fancier than your average fixie. Much of the steel frame is concealed with a walnut wood coating, for instance; the handlebars and seat are covered with a woven leather pattern. It's beautiful, particularly with the combination of wood and bare metal on the frame that gives the Fuoriserie a bit of a retro-future feel.

Only 30 will be made, which is probably just as well: the bike starts at €6,000 (about $7,500) and goes as high as €9,000 ($11,300) with electric motor assist. It's built in collaboration with Italian manufacturer 43 Milano, which specializes in high-end bikes.


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