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A gold Moto 360 is coming soon, according to Amazon

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There's also a new leather band option on the way

Motorola hasn't announced the champagne gold Moto 360 seen above yet, but Amazon accidentally revealed it to the world early this morning. The listing has since been pulled, but remains visible through cached pages. So it's clear that Moto — now under Lenovo's ownership — will soon offer a gold Moto 360 with a matching steel band. It'll cost $299, which puts it right in line with other metal-band versions of the leading Android Wear smartwatch. And if the regular 23mm strap is too big for your liking, there will apparently be a smaller, 18mm option as well. The watch itself remains as big as ever, so this might not be the answer some were looking for to make the hulking 360 more manageable.

Moto 360 gold 18mm band

There's also another leather strap color on the way: Cognac. Paired with the silver 360, this might be the best looking configuration of Motorola's watch we've seen yet. It'll cost the same $249 as Moto's other leather variants. Sadly the listing for this new color vanished just like the gold hardware, so clearly Amazon spilled the details before Motorola was ready. Hopefully it won't be long before both options are available for purchase; recent software updates have seemingly cured the Moto 360's early battery ailments and eliminated some annoying lag. If you're a fan of Google's wrist-worn OS, it's not a bad time to be buying.

Moto 360 cognac