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MSI is putting a legitimate mechanical keyboard in a laptop

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Gaming laptops are prone to wild designs, and the newest one from MSI — called the GT80 Titan — is no exception. The massive 18-inch laptop was announced today and its most notable feature is a mechanical QWERTY keyboard made by Cherry, a company that has been making mechanical keyboards for almost 50 years.

Instead of the typical chiclet keys found on most current laptops, the GT80 Titan will feature Cherry's MX Brown keys, which are actually well-suited for gaming thanks to the way they're built (light with quick actuation). They keyboard will still add weight, but for mechanical keyboard devotees it's probably an easy trade-off — especially considering that it's a huge laptop in the first place.

MSI GT80 Titan

MSI hasn't released any details on price or availability yet, but have set up a page for the laptop here and have promised to post further news on the device soon.

Correction: MSI will be using Cherry MX Brown keys in the laptop. This article originally stated it would be using Cherry MX Red keys.