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Samsung's Galaxy A5 and A3 smartphones are its thinnest ever

Samsung's Galaxy A5 and A3 smartphones are its thinnest ever


And they use even less plastic than the Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha

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In light of disappointing earnings, Samsung just told the world that it's planning to "fundamentally reform" its take on the smartphone. But it's fair to say that the company may have changed its thinking long before yesterday's dire report. Today Samsung announced a pair of metal smartphones that have seemingly been designed for social media addicts and selfie takers. Aside from their premium unibody builds, the Galaxy A3 and A5 won't blow anyone away in terms of what's inside, but they're nothing to scoff at either. Unwilling to let Apple win the thinness war, Samsung says these are the slimmest smartphones it's ever made. Despite housing a 5-inch display, the A5 is just 6.7mm (0.26 inches) thick, enough to best the iPhone 6. The A3 matches Apple's latest flagship at 6.9mm (0.27 inches), though it's got a smaller 4.5-inch qHD screen.

Samsung A5

The Galaxy A5 has a larger 5-inch display, more RAM, and a bigger battery

Both phones are powered by a quad-core 1.2GHz processor; the A5's got 2GB of RAM inside, but the A3's got half that. The A5 also wins out with a slightly better 13-megapixel camera compared to the 8-megapixel rear camera on the A3. Both phones have a plethora of selfie modes and Samsung's even built in a mode that can automatically churn out GIFs. The Galaxy A5 and A3 are headed to China next month, but there's no word yet on pricing, nor do we know when — or if — they'll be coming stateside.