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'The Colbert Report' gets a date for its final episode

'The Colbert Report' gets a date for its final episode


The Colbert Report series finale is really happening

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The Colbert Report has a date for its final episode. On December 18th, one of the best political satires ever will conclude its nine year run.

The show, a spin-off of the long running comedy news program The Daily Show, features the character "Stephen Colbert" played by the comedian of the same name. Stephen Colbert, the character, is a pompous, boisterous, loudmouth inspired initially by the conservative talk show hosts on FOX News, though the character now parodies all types of political talking heads. Less is known about Stephen Colbert the person, who has taken the back seat to his character for nearly the past decade.

We'll have a chance to learn more about Colbert when he takes over hosting duties on The Late Show on CBS in 2015. He has promised the host will be the real Colbert, not the Colbert he plays on television. Which raises an obvious question: what will become of the old Colbert, a satirical character that would make Mark Twain proud. Will "Colbert" be sent off into the sunset like Shane? Or will he live, leaving room for his return at another place in another time?