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Grumpy Cat's new movie shows she should have stayed a meme

Grumpy Cat's new movie shows she should have stayed a meme

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Sometimes the internet takes things too far.

Grumpy Cat, neé Tardar Sauce, was born in 2012, and because she happens to have feline dwarfism, she has a distinctly pissed off face. The kind of face made for image macros meant to express the inherent truth of life in the age of late capitalism: that existence has been bled of all meaning and is therefore joyless. Or something. It's pretty perfect actually:

Grumpy Cat Party Over

So, naturally, people went gaga over her. She was "interviewed" on Good Morning America. She's been to SXSW. Nevermind the fact that Tardar Sauce was never and will never be in on the joke because she as a cat would sooner nap than deal with you. But we carried on anthropomorphizing her because the shit was funny. That was fully two years ago, though. And now? Now there's a Lifetime Christmas movie! With Aubrey Plaza voicing her (which isn't altogether inappropriate, but still). So, we just have to ask: Really, Lifetime? Dance Moms wasn't enough?

Really, Lifetime? Dance Moms wasn't enough?

This spectacle is about as absurd as it is sad. (Not you, Aubrey. You're alright.) Can any of us honestly imagine life being anything other than grump-inducing for Grumpy Cat at this point? Isn't it possible that we're in fact making her grumpy by this unnecessary adulation? When will we stop allowing this cat to be trotted around like a circus act? When will the cash grabs cease? Is there literally no other animal we can passively make memes of? The party's over. It's time to let Grumpy Cat just be a cat.