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Xperia Z3 is coming to T-Mobile, but that's just the beginning of Sony's US adventure

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Exactly a month ago, in the maelstrom of news coming out of IFA in Berlin, T-Mobile quietly disclosed what might have been expected by many: it'll offer Sony's next flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z3, in the US later this fall. T-Mobile has been the only major American carrier to embrace Sony's Xperia family in recent times, however that relationship is now intensifying and should be followed by others soon as well. Whereas earlier Sony flagship handsets would take many months to reach the US market after their European debut, the timeline for the Z3 on T-Mobile suggests it is pretty much imminent. Moreover, when queried about the Xperia Z3 Compact — the handset I judged to be that little bit better than the Z3 — T-Mobile slyly asks its Twitter followers to keep an eye on its newsroom.

Sony Mobile has scheduled a New York event for this coming Thursday, October 9th, with the associated hashtag of #DemandGreat. That's the tagline the company uses for its new family of Xperia Z3 devices, so there will obviously be news about their US availability. The worst scenario is that we'll just get a T-Mobile release date for the Z3 and move on in disappointment, however it's far more likely that Sony will have news about the Z3 Compact as well as other carriers who'll offer its handsets across the States. The Z3 and Z3 Compact are simply too good to be ignored.