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HP reportedly plans to split PC and printer business from enterprise unit

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HP is set to cleave itself in two, splitting off its PC and printer division from its enterprise and services business. According to The Wall Street Journal, an announcement could come as soon as tomorrow. "Sources familiar with the matter" tell the paper that current CEO Meg Whitman will become chairman of the PC and printer operation, and will remain CEO of the split-off enterprise business. Dion Weisler will become CEO of the personal computing business — he is currently a high-ranking executive in the division.

This is not the first time talk of splitting HP has surfaced. During some of the company's very tumultuous 2011, reports suggested that executives were close to making the very same decision to split off the enterprise division into its own business. After the departure of then-CEO Léo Apotheker, the company decided to keep the units together under the same corporate umbrella.

The company, based in Palo Alto, has struggled along with the rest of the PC industry as profit margins have slimmed and sales of Windows PC continue to steadily decline. The company's printer business is more lucrative than its PC operation, though the two were combined into the same unit back in 2012. That same year, HP lost the title of top-selling PC manufacturer to Lenovo.