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Adobe introduces Premiere Clip, a video editor for iPhone and iPad

Adobe introduces Premiere Clip, a video editor for iPhone and iPad

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One of the biggest names in video editing is coming to mobile. Adobe is today introducing Premiere Clip, a simple and streamlined video editor for the iPhone and iPad. Though it shares a family name with Premiere Pro, Adobe's desktop editor, Clip is a far simpler app — it's meant for everyone, not just professionals. In fact, if you've used iMovie, Clip will actually look somewhat familiar: the app allows you to arrange and trim shots, filter your video, and apply some basic transitions and effects. It's all enough to stitch a set of clips together into a nice looking video, which is about all you can ask for on a phone or tablet.

Videos sync across your phone and tablet

What's particularly nice about it, though, is that everything you do in Premiere Clip can sync back to Premiere on the desktop. Should you be savvy enough to understand how to use Premiere Pro's jumble of panels, you'll find that any work you did on mobile should have translated into the appropriate formats on the desktop. If you use other Adobe apps, you're going to start to see this kind of behavior elsewhere too. Adobe is also launching a new service today for Creative Cloud members that will sync files across apps and devices — a pretty huge convenience and a nice way to utilize the fact that all of its apps are increasingly built around a connection to the cloud. Third party apps on iOS will be able begin tapping into this as well.

There are a handful of other apps that Adobe is releasing today too, but they're all a bit smaller in scope. Those include Adobe Brush and Adobe Shape, which let you take photos to create digital brushes and vector art. A few other apps are also seeing some minor rebranding, including Adobe Kuler, which is, mercifully, being renamed Adobe Color. While these are all iOS apps, Adobe is also paying some attention to Android: over the weekend, it released an app for Creative Cloud, which gives members access to all of their documents stored online.