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The tortured sounds of 554 'Simpsons' couch gags played all at once

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You could watch over 500 couch gags from 25 years of The Simpsons, all at once, laid out in a grid over a 1080p video. You could do that. Or you could put the video on, close your eyes, and try to describe what cacophonous sounds emanate from your speakers or headphones. I've tried to describe my own experiences thusly:

  • 1–5 seconds: a complete wall of noise
  • 6–12 seconds: the iconic horns... kind of
  • 13–16 seconds: the iconic horns... kind of (encore presentation)
  • 17–22 seconds: stressed cats
  • 22–30 seconds: broken instruments (?) and shenanigans
  • 30–38 seconds: the cries of children and electricity (possibly unrelated)
  • 45–55 seconds: more electricity, a piano discovering existentialism
  • 55 seconds and beyond: the wailing in my own head