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Your next Amazon tablet might come with a Washington Post app subscription

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In the year since Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post, media watchers have wondered how the famously hands-on CEO might change the venerated newspaper. According to a new Businessweek report, the changes will have a lot to do with Amazon. According to the report, the Post is working on an app that will lay out the newspaper's best stories in a magazine layout, available for monthly subscriptions. And thanks to the Bezos connection, the app will likely be packaged for free with new Kindle purchases, offering a huge new national distribution channel for the Post. It would also tempt the same backlash Apple faced when it bundled iTunes with a new U2 album.

Known internally as "Project Rainbow," the app has been in the works for months, and is expected to launch this fall. It's still unclear how much the app would cost for non-Kindle subscribers or how much it will differ from the company's web offerings, but the project shows Bezos's commitment to using Amazon's success to build out the Post. Bezos' reign at the paper had previously come under fire for a perceived aimlessness as well as cutting employee benefits.