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This is the keyboard iPhone 6 Plus owners deserve

This is the keyboard iPhone 6 Plus owners deserve


Won't someone please make it?

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Maybe you've heard, the iPhone 6 Plus is a big phone. By and large, I've overcome the enormity of it — it actually fits pretty well in my hand, and I haven't dropped it yet (knock on wood). There's just one thing that's really bothering me: when I'm holding it one-handed, there's absolutely no way to reach the far end of the keyboard with my thumb unless I want to balance the phone precariously on my fingertips. It's a recipe for disaster. Reachability doesn't help, because it only pulls down the top of the screen — it doesn't bring the left side closer to the right (or vice versa, if you're left-handed).

My dream keyboard would solve this, and it's enticingly simple: just put a smaller keyboard on there and right-align it or left-align it. Tapping the blank gray area would move it to the other side in case you switch hands. Like so:

iPhone keyboard mockup

That's it, really. Simple. Someone make it, I'll give you $1.99 of my hard-earned money in the App Store.

Update: Twitter commenter @hrbrt brings my attention to Blink, which basically does this — just simplify it, boil it down to the stock keyboard basics, and I'm a happy camper!