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Darth Vader will silence you for leaking 'Star Wars: Episode VII' secrets

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Star Wars: Episode VII director J.J. Abrams has teased fans with pictures and video from the movie's set, but after a series of unplanned leaks courtesy of unnamed sources and pilots, it looks like the film's production staff has cracked down on the sharing of secrets — with the help of a certain Sith master.

Frank Marshall, a producer on the still-untitled Episode VII, tweeted a picture of a poster on the wall at the UK's Pinewood Studios that shows Darth Vader's gloved hand covering the mouth of an Imperial officer. The poster, based on the iconic "Loose lips sink ships" design used to dissuade people from revealing secrets during World War II, was designed by artist Cliff Chiang It's taken from Chiang's 2010 Star Wars collection, a set of posters and prints that imagine military propaganda and retro movie posters from the galaxy far, far away.

Chiang's prints are fantastic, but this design begs the question — why is Vader simply not using the force to choke the offending officer to death?