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'Super Smash Bros.' is coming to Wii U on November 21st

'Super Smash Bros.' is coming to Wii U on November 21st


And so are its Amiibo figures

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Now that Super Smash Bros. is on the 3DS, Nintendo has finally announced the release date for the console version: the fighter will be launching on the Wii U on November 21st. Nintendo had previously been cagey with the Wii U launch date, saying only that it would be coming sometime during the holiday season. The Wii U game will be largely the same as the 3DS version that launched last week (Nintendo says the game has already sold 2.8 million copies), though it will support classic Gamecube controllers thanks to a $19.99 adaptor. Smash Bros.-themed Gamecube controllers are also available for $29.99 each.

In addition to Super Smash Bros., November 21st will also see the launch of Nintendo's new Amiibo line of NFC-enabled figurines that work with various games, much like the Skylanders and Disney Infinity series. The figures — which include the likes of Mario, Donkey King, Link, and Pikachu at launch — will cost $12.99 each, and work with a number of Nintendo games including Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, and the next Mario Party. A second wave of character figures is expected later in December.