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'Myst' is getting a TV series

'Myst' is getting a TV series

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Myst, one of the most popular PC games ever, is about to make a comeback on television and computer screens. Legendary TV & Digital Media — the smaller-screen arm of Legendary Pictures, which has co-produced big-screen trilogies like The Hangover and Christopher Nolan's Batman movies — has signed a deal to make a dramatic series with Cyan Worlds, the company behind the beloved point-and-click adventure game from the 1990s.

The deal also includes plans to create a new video game that will accompany the story told in the show, and considering that Myst was followed by multiple successful sequels and novels, there should be plenty of material to pull from. Cyan told Deadline that the company sees this as an opportunity to use the multimedia approach to "express in a visual linear medium the rich story that the Myst franchise is dripping with," and cited the prevalence of tablet usage during television viewing.

Fans of Myst will likely greet the news with tempered expectations, however, since a long-rumored movie based on the property never materialized. In the meantime, the Kickstarter-funded "spiritual successor" to the game — Obduction — is still on track, and available for pre-order on Cyan Worlds' website.