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James Bond's earliest adventures are turning into comics

James Bond's earliest adventures are turning into comics

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James Bond's adventures will continue in comic books and graphic novels beginning next year. Dynamite Entertainment has picked up the rights to Bond in comic form, and it intends to begin printing stories about the secret agent's origins and the continued villainous activities of some of his most iconic adversaries. "The character, the structure, and the source material is so incredibly strong," Dynamite CEO Nick Barrucci says in a statement. "The original prose storytelling serves as the basis for one of the most successful film franchises ever, a franchise that reinvents itself to be in tune with each generation."

"James Bond is one of the greatest cultural icons in the world."

These new stories will exist within the canon of Bond creator Ian Fleming's original novels. Some of those novels will even be adapted into the comic format as well. Of course, as Barrucci says, Dynamite's Bond will very much need to be reinvented in order to stay in touch with the modern era — the character inherently holds classic values, and those are off dated and inappropriate, to say the least of them. Regardless, you can make a good guess of what Dynamite's character will be like. "James Bond is one of the greatest cultural icons in the world," Barrucci says.

Dynamite says that Bond won't be the only familiar character turning up, that we'll be seeing familiar villains, henchmen, allies, and the so-called "Bond Girls" as well. This won't be Bond's first time in a comic, but it appears that the franchise was most prominent in that format decades ago. Dynamite will quickly begin changing that next year, when it plans to release its first five Bond comics. The film series, which appears to be part of a separate canon, is also scheduled to continue next year.