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These are some of the coolest 'Star Wars' posters ever made

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I'm not afraid to admit here that I got into Star Wars later than most. I was 11, maybe 12 by the time it was even on my radar. But one of my first memories from before fandom took me in its loving arms was seeing that classic poster — lightsaber blazing over Luke Skywalker's head, standing in the shadow of Darth Vader — at a Burger King of all places. It was incredible and otherworldly, even as I couldn't fully process what I was looking at. It gave me chills.

That poster was and is perfect, and every other Star Wars poster down to the present day probably tries its best to tap into that feeling. (Like the minimalist ones, which are truly incredible and you need to see if you haven't.) Later this month, Abrams Books is coming out with a new book collecting the best posters from around the world — so here are some of our favorites. Some are a little weird, but all are incredible and tap into that old sense of wonder. Don't worry, though; Darth Vader won't silence you for liking these.

Early concept treatment


Early concept treatment
Ralph McQuarrie, 1975