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Lil Jon and Lena Dunham have made the most insane music video about voting ever

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Since Diddy's "Vote or Die" campaign never had a music video component (South Park parody notwithstanding), #TURNOUTFORWHAT wins the award for "most insane video about voting" without much competition. Part of the long-running Rock the Vote campaign, the video itself is a pep rally for getting people to register and turn out for the November 4th midterm elections. And because Lil Jon is only known for two things — the song "Get Low" and yelling "What" or "Yeah-uh" (as popularized by Dave Chappelle), that's all here in abundance.

Lil Jon is a Wizard

We've also got: "Auntie" Whoopi Goldberg, "Lil Lena" Dunham sharing a polling booth with Tracy Anderson (and Lil Jon having very specific questions about Girls season four), Fred Armisen in a dance battle with a ladder.

In case you're wondering:  "What's up it's Lil Jon and I'm turning out for the legalization of marijuana." Hopefully he's registered to vote in Alaska, Oregon, or the District of Columbia.