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Up close with GE's insane moon landing-inspired sneakers

This summer, JackThreads announced a partnership with GE to make hightop sneakers commemorating the 45th anniversary of the Moon landing. Designed by boutique sneaker house Android Homme (no relation to the operating system), the metallic silver shoes were released in hyper-limited quantity — just 100 pairs — via JackThreads' site and sold out immediately. Being a sneakerhead myself, I purchased a pair.

After nearly three months of waiting, the shoes finally arrived this week. The box is bright silver, an appropriate color considering the sci-fi theme. Inside the box you'll find a custom shoehorn, a sheet with information on the shoes, a "membership card," a silky bag for the shoes, and the shoes themselves, which prominently feature a carbon fiber weave and are covered in a hydrophobic coating.

Take a look, because it's not every day you see GE dabbling in the sneaker business.