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HTC's Zoe app is coming to the iPhone

HTC's Zoe app is coming to the iPhone


Zoe is the first HTC app to be available on Apple's platform

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Alongside the new Desire Eye and Re Camera announced today, HTC is launching its Zoe app out of beta and has revealed that it will be coming to the iPhone later this year. Zoe is a imaging-focused social network that lets users create highlight reels and montages from the images and video captured on their smartphones and share them with the world. It launched in beta for Android devices earlier this summer.

Zoe is the first of HTC's portfolio of apps to be made available on multiple platforms, and alongside the Re Camera, is among the first of HTC's products to work on Apple's iOS devices. The company says it will be bringing more of its apps to the iPhone in the future, though it has not specified a timeline for when that will happen. Zoe 1.0 is available as a free download from the Google Play Store for Android devices today, and will be available in the iTunes App Store for iOS devices in the near future.