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Droid Turbo user manual leaks before Verizon has even announced it

Droid Turbo user manual leaks before Verizon has even announced it


Get ready for a 5.2-inch QHD display and glorious battery life

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It's now a certainty: the Droid Turbo is coming, and likely very soon. The phone's entire user manual has popped up on before Motorola and Verizon have even had a chance to announce their new Droid flagship. Based on what's in the document, Droid Turbo will feature a 5.2-inch "ultra high-definition" display (likely QHD), a 21-megapixel rear camera, and "high-capacity long lasting battery." Basically, it's the supercharged Moto X with a better screen and vastly superior battery we were expecting.

And it's also really ugly. Droid Turbo definitely loses out on the Moto X's good looks, and the built-in capacitive buttons are an odd design choice. Another strange decision relates to the SIM tray; just like last year's Maxx, apparently you'll need to pull out the phone's volume buttons to access it. There's nothing more Droid than dismantling your smartphone to put in a SIM card. Aside from all that, thankfully it sounds like the Turbo retains Motorola's best software features like Moto Voice, Moto Assist, and Moto Actions. The manual also hints that a turbo charger will come packed in the box, meaning you'll be able to give that already-sizable battery a boost in mere minutes.

With so little left to the imagination, hopefully it won't be long until Motorola and Verizon unveil the Droid Turbo in an official capacity. The phone seen in the manual has a date of October 12th on the screen. But that's a Sunday, so unless this thing is just going to show up on Verizon's website with little fanfare, that'd be an odd day to make an announcement.