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Sprint to finally shut down its WiMAX network late next year

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November 6th, 2015 is when America's first 4G network is expected to go dark

Sprint's first foray into 4G wireless service was with WiMAX, a different kind of technology than the LTE service that every other major carrier would invest in. As history would show, WiMAX proved to be more of a burden than a benefit to Sprint, and the company switched gears to deploy an LTE network and stopped offering WiMAX phones for sale back in 2012. This week, Sprint confirmed to Fierce Wireless that it will be turning off the last vestiges of its WiMAX service on or around November 6th, 2015, giving it about 13 more months of life before the lights go out.

The time frame for the shutdown was orignally reported by Android Central this past weekend, which unearthed an internal Sprint memo detailing the company's network plans. Sprint says that devices that run on both its WiMAX and 3G networks will continue to work on 3G once WIMAX is shut down, though if you are still clinging on to an old WiMAX device, it's probably time to look for something a bit newer.