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Microsoft says it’s fully committed to Surface as it reveals future accessory support

Microsoft says it’s fully committed to Surface as it reveals future accessory support

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When Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella dropped the company’s "devices and services" focus earlier this year, many questioned whether the software maker would continue to create Surface tablets. A brief mention of Surface Pro 3 by Nadella in his email to all employees appeared to back the tablet, but it wasn’t totally clear Microsoft was committed. Nadella wants to enforce that today. "Microsoft is putting its full and sustained support behind the ongoing Surface program as one of a number of great hardware choices for businesses large and small," says Nadella in a new statement on the company’s Surface blog.

The clear messaging appears to be aimed directly at businesses that might be questioning Microsoft’s long-term plans for hardware. Microsoft admits some have questioned the company’s plans for Surface, particularly businesses. Microsoft is trying to tempt more businesses today by revealing that existing Surface Pro 3 Type Covers, power adapters, and docking stations, will be compatible with the "next generation" of the Surface Pro line.

A Surface Pro 4 will support existing accessories

Theoretically that could mean the Surface Pro 4, or whatever it’s named, will have the same dimensions as the existing Surface Pro 3 model so it can fit into the dock. However, there’s nothing stopping Microsoft from making the tablet thinner, and providing inserts for the docking station. Surface Pro 3 owners will be glad to hear future Type Covers and power adapters aren’t going to change dramatically.

Companies like BMW, Coca Cola, and Louis Vuitton have started using Surface Pro 3 devices recently, but Microsoft’s "laptop killer" still has a way to go. Microsoft is also creating a "laptop replacement offer" today that is a bundle of the Surface Pro 3, Type Cover, and docking station for up to $150 less. Authorized resellers in the US will start offering the bundle, and it’s designed mainly for businesses who want to start using Surface Pro 3.