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The 7 best Verge videos from last month

The 7 best Verge videos from last month

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It's now November (and also our third birthday) so we deemed it only appropriate to take a look back at some of the best and most fun videos we made last month. Our video team happens to be some of the most talented folks working on the internet, so we're honored to show off what amounts to just a handful of the amazing work they've done this year. Between reviews and brand new features, you just can't find anything like this anywhere else. Have a look.

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The Return of Small Empires:

Season 2 debuted this past Tuesday with a profile of Atlanta-based startup PartPic.

New episodes air each Tuesday morning. If you missed Season 1 of the acclaimed series, you can catch up here.

The Big Future's Big Debut

The Verge also launched 'The Big Future', a new animated series devoted to the most important questions of humanity's future. Think of it as a quick tour of the puzzles and wild ambitions that will shape the next few centuries, whether it's Martian colonies, lab-grown steaks, brain implants or genetically engineered mammoths.

The Big Future, Ep. 2: Can We Colonize Mars?

Can We Bring Animals Back From Extinction? | Can We Build a Better Brain? | What is the Future of Food?

A Chorus of Keys: Drop the Space

In honor of IBM’s clicky Model M keyboard, The Verge orchestrated a performance of iconic keyboards throughout the ages. Read how The Verge made the video

Nexus 6 Hands-On

The Nexus 6 is a whale of a phone built for Android Lollipop. Look out for the full review of the much anticipated Google phablet and the Nexus 9 later this month.

Catch up on all hands-on videos from The Verge.

Best iPhone Games

Not just new games, either. Here's a fun list from Sr. Editor Chris Plante.

iMac Retina Review

This is the future of the iMac, make no mistake. David Pierce will break down why you may (or may not) want this gorgeous machine. Be sure to also check out the complete catalog of coverage from Apple's October event.

Instagram Hyperlapse Stabilization

For more, don't miss The Verge video crew's bonus test footage and deep-dive into the technology.