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Your 3D-printed Christmas ornament could end up in the White House

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MichielCornelissen / Shapeways

It's the day after Halloween, and that means it's time to throw out those pumpkins and start preparing for Christmas. The White House is wasting no time — it's figuring out which ornaments it's going to hang on the tree. A new competition announced this week encourages would-be Christmas elves to design 3D printed ornaments. A selection of the winning entries will be hung on the White House Christmas tree and will enter the Smithsonian's collection of ornaments at its National Museum of American History. They'll also be posted on the Smithsonian's website devoted to 3D designs.

The competition runs through November 10th — you'll need to submit your design to Instructables before then if you want to enter. The ornaments should "reflect the magic and wonder of the holidays," so don't try to make some political statement with your 3D-printed ornament, OK?