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The problems with 'Interstellar'

The problems with 'Interstellar'


Let's talk about that ending

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It should go without saying, but the following contains a lot of spoilers. Stay on this page at your own risk. For a spoiler-free (or rather, a spoiler-lite) take on the film, check out our Interstellar review.

Christopher Nolan's Interstellar is absolutely gorgeous. Interstellar has strong performances and real tearjerking moments. Interstellar also has some pretty large issues and (potential) plot holes that unravel over the course of its nearly-three-hour runtime.

Senior Editor Ross Miller, Reports Editor Josh Dzieza, and Science Reporter Arielle Duhaime-Ross sat down for a very special one-off audio podcast to discuss their thoughts on Interstellar and try to hash out some of the bigger issues.

Ready? Let's get into it.

We'd love to hear your thoughts, too — please use this comment thread to discuss the movie. We'll jump in, too! Note: Keep it constructive. We welcome disagreement but not attacks on writers.

And if you need help keeping track of everything, here's a gorgeous timeline infographic (Update: please note that the first stop on their trip was via wormhole, not black hole. Title is wrong, but everything otherwise looks about right. Thanks for the catch, Rican7!):