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Instagram now lets you fix photo captions after the fact

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Embarrassed no more

Instagram is usually associated with photography, but true 'grammers know that half of what makes a great Instagram is the caption attached to it. But if you're hastily trying to post that perfectly composed and filtered picture of your shoes, it's very easy to commit an egregious typo in the act (or EVEN WORSE, forget the ever-so-crucial emoji that really explains how you feel). Prior to now, the only way to correct a flubbed caption was to delete the image and repost it, a less than ideal solution. But with an update available today, Instagram now lets you edit your captions after the fact, so you can fix your typos and add in those emoji without giving up all of that social engagement you earned when the picture went up.

The update is available for both the iOS and Android versions of Instagram today. The company says it is also changing the Explore tab to make "it faster to find people you want to follow." The section has been split into two tabs: one for photos and one for accounts that you should follow. The icon for the Explore tab is also now an magnifying glass instead of the nautical-inspired compass it was before. But really, we all know that editable captions are the best part of today's update.

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