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Chromecast gets Starz, Showtime Anytime, and family-friendly video games

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Google has announced that the Chromecast app line-up will include family-friendly video games and two new entertainment channels. Classic titles such as Wheel of Fortune, Scrabble Blitz, and Monopoly Dash are being made available, along with dance and trivia games like Big Web Quiz, which utilizes Google's Knowledge Graph to generate questions. Apps can be downloaded from Google Play or the iOS App Store allowing phones and tablets to be used as controllers for Chromecast's library of games, removing the need for extraneous peripherals. The actual game board will be displayed on the TV. Those who prefer more sedentary entertainment can opt for videos from Showtime Anytime and Starz.

In a bid to lure new subscribers, Google is also providing two free months of Hulu Plus and 90 days of Google Play All Access Music to anyone with a Chromecast.