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Exhibit overwhelms viewers with the scale of governments' secret spy programs

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More than 4,000 government code names on display

At an art gallery in New York, Citizenfour cinematographer Trevor Paglen is showing a video installation that features more than 4,000 surveillance program code names from both the National Security Agency (NSA) and Government Communications Headquarters. Entitled Code Names of the Surveillance State, the exhibition consists of endlessly scrolling columns projected on the four walls of Metro Pictures' Chelsea gallery, and will run until December 20th.

The code names displayed are described as "deliberately nonsensical" and without any ostensible connection to the programs they represent. For example, Bacon Ridge refers to an NSA facility in Texas while Mystic is reportedly a program for accruing every phone call from the Bahamas. A version of the installation was on display in the United Kingdom from October 31st to November 7th. Paglen is one of many artists who have produced interstitial pieces revolving around the NSA, including Oliver Bienkowski who projected a comical image of President Obama and the words "NSA in da House" on the walls of the US Embassy in Berlin.