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Here's how to buy a Nexus 6 from US carriers starting tomorrow

Here's how to buy a Nexus 6 from US carriers starting tomorrow


T-Mobile is your best option to get Google's Lollipop phone on day one

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Maybe you didn't bother trying to purchase a Nexus 6 from Google Play; it's not easy to do with stock disappearing almost instantly. But thankfully, you'll have several other options starting tomorrow.

AT&T has announced that it'll begin taking pre-orders for the Android 5.0 Lollipop flagship both online and in stores on November 12th. You'll be able to reserve the Midnight Blue model (AT&T makes no mention of whether it'll be selling Nexus 6 in white) for $249.99 with a two-year agreement or $682.99 off contract. If you prefer AT&T's Next plans, there are three ways to go: $0 down with $22.77 per month through Next 24, $28.46 per month with Next 18, or $34.15 per month with Next 12. AT&T doesn't specify how much storage you're getting, so that probably means it's the 32GB model we're talking about.

Sadly, AT&T also doesn't say exactly when it plans to start shipping those orders. T-Mobile was supposed to be the best day one option, but it's now pushed back its own Nexus 6 launch by a week. The Nexus 6 was set to be available in limited quantities at select T-Mobile stores starting tomorrow, but the Uncarrier is holding off for another week to make sure there's ample stock all around. T-Mobile will sell the phone for $649.92 or $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $27.08 through financing. Sprint is lagging a bit behind but not by much: it'll offer the Nexus 6 in stores and online beginning November 14th for 24 monthly payments of $29 or an unsubsidized cost of $696. Yes, it feels a bit like carriers are pulling these off-contract rates out of thin air. Google charges $649 for the 32GB Nexus 6, so at least T-Mobile's not tacking on anything extra. But again, carriers are only stocking it in Midnight Blue to start. If you're set on white, stick to Google Play where new Nexus 6 stock will be available each Wednesday.

Now, in theory you should be able to buy an unlocked Nexus 6 and use it on any of the big four carriers, but it's still too early to say whether a Nexus 6 purchased at T-Mobile will immediately work on Verizon, which has barely made any mention of its own plans for the Lollipop phone. We'll be reaching out to carriers to see what the story is there, and our full review of the Nexus 6 is coming in the very near future. Stay tuned, Google fans: it's going to be a fun week.