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'Avengers: Age of Ultron' extended trailer has more Ultron, more Iron Man, and more Samsung

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You'd expect the Avengers to be using some crazy high-tech computers that Tony Stark made for them, but it turns out they're just like all of us, using tablets that you'd pick up in a store. They're not just using any old tablets, though: they're using Samsung tablets. We know this because Samsung published an "exclusive" version of the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer this morning, but most of what's exclusive about it is a couple quick shots of product placement. We see Black Widow checking out a photo on one Galaxy tablet or another, and later, we see people running for cover outside of a Samsung store amid a huge fight. Oddly, the Samsung store actually looks like it might be empty.

There are obvious opportunities for integration with 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Samsung advertises basically everywhere, so we really shouldn't be surprised to see that it's even advertising inside of our fantasy worlds. This product placement and recut trailer comes as part of what appears to be a broad partnership between Marvel and Samsung that was announced over the summer, with the two companies agreeing to integrate their products. That includes this product placement and new trailer, but it could later mean Marvel-branded Samsung hardware too. But even if Samsung advertising everywhere is strangely realistic, it's still something that might remove you for a moment from a huge film like this. Like James Bond using a Sony Xperia smartphone instead of something Q cooked up for him, it's distinctly odd to watch Black Widow use a tablet to help her save the world that you might be using to browse Reddit. At the very least, we'd bet that Samsung thinks it's awesome.

The recut trailer was originally published by Samsung early this morning, though it had a few issues: the video had the trailing repeating as soon as it finished, and the second time through it didn't have any sound. Samsung pulled the trailer shortly thereafter, but it's now back online and corrected at another source.

samsung ultron product placement

samsung ultron product placement