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Beats is making a wireless version of its most popular headphones

Beats is making a wireless version of its most popular headphones

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Today, Beats is unveiling a wireless version of its Solo2 headphones, the most popular model that Beats sells and (according to its claims) the most popular headphone model on the market. The Solo2 Wireless headphones are almost identical to the wired Solo2 that Beats released earlier this year, but this model also includes Bluetooth, allowing wearers to use the headphones while up to 30 feet away from the device that they're streaming from.

The battery on the Solo2 should last for up to 12 hours, according to Beats, and a wire is also included should you run out of power. They'll be available in red, black, white, and blue for $299.95 — $100 more than the wired model. They'll be available starting this month on Apple's website and in stores from some retailers.

The wired Solo2 gets five new colors

In addition to the Solo2 Wireless, Beats is also unveiling five new colors for the wired version of the Solo2. The added colors include Stone Grey, Hunter Green, Imperial Violet, Blush Rose, and Sapphire Blue. Beats is calling this color line the "Royal Edition" of the Solo2.

Notably, it doesn't look like Apple's logo appears anywhere on the new Solo2 Wireless. As FCC documents revealed last week, these headphones may still be the first Beats product to have Apple listed on the box — but it appears as though it'll all be in the fine print, at least for now. These are clearly still headphones from Beats, not Apple, and it's not surprising to see that Apple doesn't want to change that winning formula.