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Samsung made a rap video about corporate diversity

Samsung made a rap video about corporate diversity

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Every so often, Samsung goes off its very focused, formal path and does something truly bizarre. The Galaxy S4 unveiling at Radio City Music Hall still ranks as the company's strangest, most surreal moment; we're not sure that can ever be topped. But dammit, Samsung's going to try. As 9to5Google points out, the company has posted a new video to its Samsung Tomorrow YouTube account that shines a spotlight on diversity and accessibility programs within its workforce. Nothing strange about that. It's your standard corporate / HR move. But the magic here is in Samsung's delivery. The company hired Korean rapper Mad Clown to spit out its sustainability stats over a completely generic backing track. Why? We'll never know. But we'll never get tired of Samsung getting weird.

Here we go once again
Samsung to the rescue
Put wings to your dreams
Everyone just listen

Samsung, we 280,000 humans
40 percent 112,000 women
You don’t have to worry after giving birth
Sit back, relax, no need to work
It’s all taken care of
Leave it up to us
Family friendly company
With kindergarten [???]

So many good employments waiting for you
Finding people with great skills and talents too
Sign up for Samsung software membership
Have talent for design
Go to Samsung design membership

Samsung’s all for diversity
We have in that full whole internship
For the student of handicap, make your dreams come true
All the possibilities what you want, we can do it all for you
We’re just letting our dreams come true

Make it shine, let us smile
Samsung we’ll be there
A global harmony with people, society, and environment