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'Gravity' will make space even quieter with a Blu-ray version that rips out the score

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One of Gravity's most impressive feats was its attempt to replicate the silence of space and only present sounds that astronauts might actually hear. But if Gravity still wasn't silent enough for you, a new version of the film that's being presented on an upcoming Blu-ray release might just work. The Film Stage reports that a "Silent Space Version" of Gravity will rip out the film's score to create what Warner Bros. is calling "a surprising cinematic experiment."

There should still be plenty of sound between the dialog and the destruction whizzing by the astronauts, but the score-free version of the movie ought to create a striking result nonetheless. For as much as people have enjoyed the film's score, it also, to some extent, detracts from the silence that the film otherwise so carefully crafts. Even if there's not more scientific accuracy in this version, it may end up doing a better job of keeping you afraid of the vastness of space. It'll be available as part of the film's Diamond Luxe Edition Blu-ray, which is coming out on February 10th.