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Lyft aims to pick up businesses with new 'for Work' program

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Ride the pink mustache to your next corporate event

Uber and Lyft are both trying to move far beyond their usual weekender clientele. Back in July, Uber launched a business-oriented version of its ridesharing service, which allowed companies to easily cover travel costs for employees. And now Lyft is charting the same course. Today it's announced Lyft for Work, a program designed to "let companies purchase and issue Lyft credits to employees for commuting, special events, or recruiting purposes."

Lyft's brought on 29 partners at launch, including Adobe and Yelp. Participating companies can issue their employees a monthly credit balance, but they can also take more granular over routes; credits can be applied "exclusively to rides to and from the office" — even during certain hours. Businesses can also whitelist specific company events for credit use. Lyft says it'll be announcing more partners in the very near future. For now, it's managed to counter Uber in their ongoing, cutthroat rivalry.