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Samsung partners with BlackBerry to beef up Android security

Samsung partners with BlackBerry to beef up Android security

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At an enterprise event in San Francisco today, BlackBerry announced a partnership that will offer a new level of security to Android phones. Launching early next year, the program will integrate BlackBerry's end-to-end encryption system into Samsung's Knox system, adding new encryption standards and support to the program. It's a clear upgrade for Samsung, as BlackBerry is known in enterprise circles for having some of the best security practices in the mobile marketplace. The new program will also add features to deal with the unique challenges of security on Android, including specific mechanisms to protect data against on-board malware.

A clear upgrade for Samsung security

It's part of a larger push at Samsung to bring device security up to the standards of enterprise and government needs. A number of Samsung devices were approved for secure government use earlier this year, although a vulnerability report in October described the existing Knox system as "completely compromised." It's also a glimpse of a new business tactic from BlackBerry, which has struggled in the face of declining device sales. "Samsung Knox is focused on delivering secure mobility solutions to enterprises," said Samsung's Injong Rhee in a statement. "Combined with [BlackBerry's] BES12, we will offer more options for customers that need enhanced levels of security on Android devices."