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You can now track pizza from your wrist

You can now track pizza from your wrist


Domino's Tracker is now available on Pebble

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On the whole, pizza chains have been on the forefront of food delivery. It's surprisingly easy (by design) to order a circle of cheese, sauce, and toppings by any and every mode of communication, from phones to apps to (once upon a time) the online game EverQuest. Domino's has been apt with its efforts to control what happens between order and consumption — keeping your attention while the pizza is en route. Whether or not the play-by-play Domino's Tracker is entirely accurate is beside the point; it's something to think about while you wait.

Now, the Domino's Tracker has moved to your wrist — specifically Pebble, which is our pick for the best smartwatch you can buy. Domino's PR spelled it out: "This marks the first time that Domino's Tracker has been available on any smartwatch device." That's all there is to it — the gadget category meant to keep you persistently connected, and occasionally promote fitness, will accomplish exactly one of those for pizza. You can't actually order the pizza from your wrist, but knowing what Android Wear and Apple Watch are capable of, it's only a matter of time before all pizza-related actions can be done on wrist alone.