New trailers: 'Exodus: Gods and Kings,' 'Divergent: Insurgent,' Amazon's 'Bosch,' and more

All the shows and movies you should be looking out for


Oscar season may be approaching, but this week we're still seeing trailers for epics and comedies. Take a look below for nine of this week's best new trailers, including new series coming to Amazon and HBO.

Exodus: Gods and Kings

I absolutely love the somber tone that's been going on in the past two trailers for Exodus, Ridley Scott's latest movie. The film is a biblical epic, and this final trailer makes it clear that Scott is setting it on an appropriately epic scale. It'll be in theaters December 12th.

Divergent: Insurgent

Divergent isn't the best-received of the many YA sci-fi series that have been hitting theaters lately, but that hardly means that people aren't excited to see it. A first teaser for the series' second film was released this week, and, as someone who didn't see the first movie, I can tell you that I haven't the slightest clue what's going on. A house spontaneously bursts into flames and then flies away. And it looks like a good 80 percent or so of it was green screened. It'll be in theaters March 20th.


Amazon's next original series is coming out soon, and this week it released a first look. Bosch is based on a the detective novel series by Michael Connelly, focusing on an LAPD homicide detective. So far, it's hard to say much about how Bosch will turn out: it looks like a crime drama, and we're yet to see what'll make it special. It's coming out next year, though no specific date for it has been set just yet.


HBO has a new comedy coming this January from the Duplass Brothers. This first teaser for it doesn't reveal much, but it's one more show that you'll eventually have the option of binge watching on HBO Go. Check it out now so you'll know what's happening when it finally turns up.


Broad City

I've seen a lot of people getting excited over Broad City's return for a second season, so here it is. Comedy Central premiered its trailer this week, and it retunes to TV on January 14th.


You know, it's a Johnny Depp movie. Mortdecai has Depp in a Pink Panther type of situation, playing a ridiculous detective trying to recover a stolen painting. It comes out on February 6th.

Escobar: Paradise Lost

Benicio Del Toro plays drug lord Pablo Escobar in Paradise Lost, which is coming out January 16th. It looks like a suspenseful crime drama, following an outsider who comes into Escobar's crew after becoming involved with his niece.

Hungry Hearts

Hungry Hearts looks intense. The trailer starts out showing a nice couple, but it quickly spirals into a deeply creepy situation about a woman who might be slowly killing her child. Also, Girls,' Adam Driver stars, which is pretty sweet. There's no release date for it yet.

Song of the Sea

Remember the gorgeous animated film The Secret of Kells that was up for an Oscar a few years ago? The director behind it is now back with Song of the Sea, another animated film that looks like it's turned out just as beautifully. The film stems from Irish folklore and involves a human who turns into a seal when in water. It'll be released in the US on December 19th.