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At least three more 'Fast & Furious' movies are likely

At least three more 'Fast & Furious' movies are likely


Praise the cinema gods

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At a Hollywood Reporter roundtable, Universal's Donna Langley has apparently promised the Fast & Furious franchise a long life beyond next year's Furious 7, saying "We think there's at least three more...I think it's still a growing franchise," reports Entertainment Weekly.

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Film connoisseurs should immediately appreciate the gravity of Langley's announcement. Each movie in the franchise has been exponentially more awesome than the one before it, culminating in 2013's blockbuster Fast & Furious 6, which raked in over three quarters of a billion dollars globally and featured a Dodge Charger exploding out of the front of the bad guy's cargo plane while attempting to take off. Furious 7, meanwhile, features the late Paul Walker's character running up the roof of a bus before leaping to grab onto a Dodge Challenger that's drifting along the edge of a cliff.

Who knows what 8, 9, and 10 will bring?

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But critically, Langley says that there will be "at least" three more — that leaves room for a James Bond-style continuation, potentially spanning decades.

If there's a better way to go into the weekend, I can't think of one.