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The addictive and delightful 'Two Dots' is now available for Android

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Two Dots was one of the better iPhone games to come out this year and a definite improvement over the simple but addictive original. Fortunately, those of us who use Android every day can now give it a shot — the game is out now in the Google Play Store. It's a free download and is a straight port of the iOS version and contains the same in-app purchases as the original. Fortunately, just like the iOS version, those in-app purchases are entirely unnecessarily to enjoy the game. Sure, running out of lives is a bummer, but it's smart to take a break now and then. And if you're a cross-platform player, you can connect the app to Facebook and all your progress will sync across both iOS and Android devices.

If you're unfamiliar with the game and want to know why it's worth your time, check out our in-depth look at it from earlier this year — everything here holds true for the Android version. Go get it, and kiss your weekend goodbye.