My Mom Wants A Flip Phone...


My mom has been a loyal customer on Cricket, a CDMA prepaid wireless carrier for many years. Recently, AT&T bought Cricket, and is merging Cricket's spectrum with theirs. In March, Cricket's CDMA network will be shut down and replaced with AT&T's GSM network. So, while she'll have to get a new phone, she'll be on GSM, and therefore can get practically any phone she wants.

Now, for some bizarre reason, my mom is quite adamant about having a flip phone. Not a candy bar, not a slab, not a slider. A flip phone. Oddly enough, she doesn't care whether or not it's a smart phone, just that it be a flip phone. I have been quite clear in my explanations about why a flip phone doesn't make sense these days, but she won't have any of it.

She has never used a smartphone, despite being the only family member left (on both sides of her immediate and extended families) without one. She does use an iPad, so she has some small inkling of how to navigate (though she almost exclusively uses it as a web browser).

Since the U.S. is a mature market, the only flip phones offered here are through the carriers, and they're all crap. The only market left that I'm aware of with strong flip phone offerings is Japan. Can anyone recommend a good flip phone for sale or import? If it must be imported, could you give a link? I'd like to get the phone to her by Christmas.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.