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2014's best goat simulator is now the craziest 'World of Warcraft' clone

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'Goat MMO Simulator' is a free expansion pack coming this Thursday

One of the most delightfully weird games to come out this year is Goat Simulator, wherein you play a sociopathic goat rampaging through a small town known for its slapstick physics, intentionally awful glitches, and predilection for explosions. Now it appears Coffee Stain Studios is taking the game to its logical conclusion: a fantasy-based, massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Why fantasy? Why multiplayer? Why is a walking microwave one of the choices for character class (the others being Tank, Magician, Hunter, "Rouge," and plain ol' goat)? Looking at the debut trailer, it seems all the madcap physics and bizarre bugs are present.

Actually, this is probably the only scene that matters. This is everything you need to know about Goat Simulator:

Goat cards

Goat MMO Simulator is coming this week to PC as a free download for current Goat Simulator owners through Steam. According to Polygon, it'll also be playable for Mac and Linux with full controller support.

If the trailer — if that GIF — isn't seriously enough for you, here's a gallery: