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Listen to over 100 songs from the new 'Grand Theft Auto V'

Listen to over 100 songs from the new 'Grand Theft Auto V'

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While Grand Theft Auto V is arguably the best game of the GTA series, perhaps the best part of the game (as is the case with the entire franchise) is its soundtrack. For this week's Xbox One / PlayStation 4 re-release, Rockstar has updated the music with "over 100 additional new songs" — and thanks to the Reddit gods, we've got a near-complete playlist.

The Reddit community has confirmed 157 of the reported 162 new songs (in addition to the returning tracks from last year's version). The confirmed tracks were "heard or seen on GTA V live streams" and are guaranteed to make your cruise around Los Santos fit any situation you're in. It includes a vast array of songs from recent hits by Lorde ("Tennis Court") and Maroon 5 ("Moves Like Jagger") to classics from ZZ Top and Dr. Dre. Most importantly, you can even pretend you're Ryan Gosling's character from Drive and blast Kavinsky's "Nightcall" through the speakers of any vehicle (stolen or not) of your choice. It's the ultimate cross-over of criminals and music connoisseurs.

Rockstar also announced earlier this month that the original GTA V soundtrack is will also be available on vinyl in December in addition to the selection of music from the game currently available digitally on iTunes. All of the new songs are linked in the Reddit post, and one Reddit user has even been so kind as to create a Spotify playlist with the new songs: