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Check out these beautiful posters for sequels that were never made

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The seminal Cowboy Bebop is widely regarded as one of the best anime series of all time, with BBC comparing the movie spin-off to landmark titles like Ghost in the Shell and Spirited Away. Despite its popularity, only one feature film was ever released. But artist Nimit Malavia's stunning, butterfly-limned design provides an idea for what the sequel's movie poster could have looked like.

Malavia's masterpiece is just one of the many being shown at iam8bit's art exhibit in Los Angeles, which will run until November 23rd. Entitled Sequel, it's a gorgeous selection of posters for movies that were never made. Ranging from the gritty to the whimsical, the collection spans a vast palette of genres and cult favorites, including Fight Club, My Neighbor Totoro, and Blade Runner. Similarly, the art itself is strikingly diverse. The designs for The Iron Giants and Labyrinth 2: Return of the Goblin King are minimalistic and clean. In contrast, Japaneze Baby's Pan's Labyrinth II seems to draw inspiration from horror auteur Junji Ito's nightmarish work.

While many of the pieces keep close to the proverbial script, others tease at more playful fictions. The poster for Titanic II: Above Zero is ominously branded with the words, "What has frozen shall thaw again," while 2084, slyly captioned with "You have one follower," posits a future where Big Brother and Facebook are synonymous. Those looking to purchase a print can do so by placing orders at iam8bit's online store.

2084 by Goncalo Viana


2084 by Goncalo Viana