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New trailer for 'The Peanuts Movie' brings Snoopy into the 21st century

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The thought of a new Peanuts animated film so many years after the death of creator Charles Schulz may have initially felt like a crass cash grab, but the first look we got at the movie earlier this year made us think this project could actually work. Now, the first full trailer is here, and it's gorgeous if nothing else — it's a more complex and beautiful animated Peanuts world than we've ever seen before, but it still retails the original comic strip's charm and distinctive style.

There's still no real plot details to be garnered here, but that's by design; the team behind the film has been tight-lipped about it ever since it was first announced. Fortunately for those skeptical of the first Peanuts film in 35 years, Charles Schulz's son Craig and his son Bryan are producing and writing the new movie, so there's reason to believe they'll be able to capture the spirit of what made the original cartoon such an enduring classic. The Peanuts Movie is set to hit theaters on November 6th, 2015.