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Uber CEO says threats against journalists showed 'a lack of humanity'

Uber CEO says threats against journalists showed 'a lack of humanity'


Travis Kalanick stops short of apologizing after a vice president threatens to investigate the company's critics

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Uber CEO Travis Kalanick took to Twitter today to address the latest public-relations debacle to confront the transportation company. After an Uber vice president mused about hiring opposition researchers to dig up defamatory information about journalists who criticized the company, Kalanick said the comments showed "a lack of humanity." Buzzfeed broke news of the comments last night after attending the dinner party where the remarks were made. "Emil's comments at the recent dinner party were terrible and do not represent the company," Kalanick said, referring to Emil Michael, Uber's senior vice president of business. "His remarks showed a lack of leadership, a lack of humanity, and a departure from our values and ideals."

Kalanick went on to say that the company is trying to show "that we are principled and mean well," and that "until Emil's comments we felt we were making positive steps along those lines." But the notoriously combative Kalanick stopped short of apologizing for Michael's behavior, or for saying that Michael would be disciplined. He also avoided mentioning Pando editor-in-chief Sarah Lacy, whose recent criticism of Uber apparently spurred Michael to muse that the company could look into "your personal lives, your families." The Verge has reached out to Uber for additional comment and will update this post if we hear back.

Update, 3:21 p.m.: After an initial round of stories mentioned that Kalanick had not apologized in his post or mentioned Lacy, he tweeted an apology to her.

We've added Kalanick's full comments below.