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Budgie Desktop - Evolve OS getting close to beta. Is it really good?


If some of you don`t know, Evolve OS is a new distro that looks to re-create the experience of chrome OS in a full linux distribution.

More info here

I`ve just installed the budgie desktop on my linux mint, and it works great, fast and with no issues.

I only had to change the wallpaper in order to have a better experience with the app launcher.

I`ve tested the distro alpha a few months ago after the initial buzz and even at that time it looked good.

Bugie v8

Latest screenshot

Is it really a good idea to creat yet another desktop experience?

I know, Linux is all about freedom and anyone can do whatever they want. BUT... with elementary OS in the market, Mint growing every month, and Gnome putting real effor in the Gnome3 isn`t easyer to just work out a desktop experience based on a stable distro? Is it really worth the effort of create a WHOLE NEW DISTRO?

I would love a Linux Mint Budgie edition. And i believe for a developer point of view it will be great, since is gonna have more support, more views as software is backed by a "bigger" group and that way sustain the project for more time.

That is my view, obviously. I really like new ideas. And at the moment Pantheon, Cinnamon and Bugie offer the FUTURE in linux desktops. I would really like to KEEP this project for the future and help the developers to grow.

In a marketing point of view, a different distro is easier to sell, but .. if you don`t think about generate income, working behind a bigger distro is helpful. I believe.

Have you tried it?

Any comment?