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'Smart Pipe' is every bad startup in one delightful parody

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"Your anus is the key to your future," trumpets a bespectacled man at the end of the fake Smart Pipe infomercial. This phantasmagorical episode is the latest in Adult Swim's delightful parody series, which was responsible for last week's viral hit, "Too Many Cooks."

It opens with a snappily dressed man introducing us to one of the hottest "disrupt" technologies in town, a pipe capable of reading and interpreting your fecal matter. From there, things only get more surreal. The 11-minute video quickly descends into a riot of buzzwords, pompous expositions, and even an encounter with an alleged paedophile. What really sells the clip, however, is its sly takedown of the technology industry's worst sins, including the sales of customer data and its obsession with social media sharing.