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Keep track of your phone and keys with Motorola's Keylink

Keep track of your phone and keys with Motorola's Keylink

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These days we've got plenty of solutions for finding your lost (or stolen) phone, and there are myriad ways to keep your keys close by. Today, Motorola announced their version of HTC's Fetch, the device that works both ways. The Keylink is a Bluetooth device that connects to your keychain and works with a companion app to let you find your keys from up to 100 feet away. Should you lose track of your phone, a button on the device will let you ping your phone from the same distance. It costs $24.99, and Motorola says the replaceable battery should last around one year, which means it's a cheaper option and will last you longer than the Fetch.

The Keylink isn't platform-specific — it will work with iPhone as well as Android. But Android users do get the benefit of being able to include the Keylink on the list of their phone's trusted devices so that their phone can remain unlocked when the device is nearby. The Keylink is already listed on Motorola's website, but is currently out of stock. According to Motorola, it should soon be available at T-Mobile as well.