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The hit 'Guardians of the Galaxy' soundtrack is free at Google Play today

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Look, in the months since Guardians of the Galaxy's box office dominance, we've all probably heard "Hooked on a Feeling" a few too many times. (Spotify puts the total stream count at over 16 million.) The film's soundtrack was a hit in its own right, topping the Billboard 200 charts and becoming one of the year's best sellers. It's no 1989, but the album did tremendously well considering it's really just a compilation of '70s tunes. But each song was perfectly tied to the script by writer / director James Gunn, who just today reiterated the importance of music to Guardians.

But if you haven't yet felt the need to buy Awesome Mix Vol. 1 — it was very easy to stream — consider this your lucky day. Google is offering the entire soundtrack to everyone living in the United States. For Free. Beyond the location restriction, there are no strings or gimmicks attached; head over to the Play Music store, click the "Free" button, and you can instantly add all 12 songs to your library. The promotion comes a day after the digital release of Guardians of the Galaxy. You won't be able to buy it on Blu-ray or DVD until December, but Marvel's surprise summer blockbuster is available to purchase from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, and others right now.